Your Path to Better Sex and Real Intimacy

  • Are you tired of everyday “regular” sex that brings you only temporary pleasure followed by tiredness and perhaps boredom?
  • Are you frustrated by problems with erection or orgasm, looking for a solution that brings you the control you want?
  • Are you struggling under the weight of abuse or hurt in your past?
  • Do you want to recover the sexual excitement you had when you first met?
  • Do you want to take your lovemaking to new heights, making it the foundation of incredible love and connectedness?

I'm Carla Tara, and I've spent 20 years helping people like you transform their sexual relationships into sources of great pleasure, boundless energy, and deep intimate connection.


"Carla, you stand out in the crowd with your authenticity, beauty, femininity, love and care. I am a healer and feel called to heal through sacred sexuality and am soooo honored to have found you and met you and learn from you! The journey continues." - Elaine S., Women's Workshop ******************************************* “Your wisdom and compassion has enriched our relationship. We appreciate your support and guidance, and we think of you each time we look into each others’ eyes and touch each others’ hearts. Thank you.” – Mark & Aileen, Couples Workshop

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